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 The church of St Mary and St John would love to get more like-minded people involved in our work. If you don't feel that becoming a member of the Clergy is for you, but still want to be involved then please do.

How You Can Help

 Promotion - Anything you can do to promote the Church and the work we do would be wonderful. Be it telling people about us, putting our link out there on the web so others can find us, writing press releases, writing articles related to our beliefs, creating promotional videos for us. Anything you can think of.

Also see the graphics and downloads pages for things to share with everyone which will help get word out about what we are doing.

 Fund Raising - To keep going we need to raise funds for the Church, as well as raise funds for the causes we support. If you have any ideas for fund raising or would like to arrange an event yourself, please get in contact with us.

 Support - By telling people you are a Gnostic Theolalite, it is getting our message out there and in the mainstream, so more people will find us. Also attending our ceremonies and mass is a wonderful way to support our efforts.

Tailor - Can you sew? Do you enjoy making clothing? If you would like to help us by creating our ceremonial vestments, please let us know.

 If there is anything else at all you think you can do for us, contact us.

To keep informed about all our events, please like our Facebook page.

How To Become An Official Member

 If you want to become an officially Baptised and Confirmed Gnostic Theolalite please contact us.

How To Become Part of The Solution

Please read the form here, and if you agree with this please fill out the form. We need 10k people to be classed an official stand alone new religion, which will give us rights in the mainstream to put our views across and change the world for the better.

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