If you feel a calling to Minister and would like to be considered for ordination please fill out the application form below and send it back to us.
If you are already ordained in another church, please note that applications must be accompanied by a letter of excardination from your current church.
If your application is successful you will be required to either travel to Sweden or the UK for your ordination ceremonies. Or with prior arrangement - cover the costs of travel and provide accommodation (if required) for the Bishop and at least one other Clergy.

The Church of St Mary & St John runs it's own seminary where you can study and submit course work to us online. The Minor Orders will earn you a Certificate in Esoteric Comparative Theology and the Major Orders a Diploma in Esoteric Comparative Theology. Please see the seminary section for more details.


Clergy members of The Church of St Mary and St John are those Ordained to any of the following Orders: Lay Cleric; Lay Reader; Cleric; Doorkeeper; Reader; Exorcist; Acolyte; Sub-deacon; Deacon; Priest/Priestess; Monsignor; Abbot/Abbess and Bishop, as well as any who shall belong to named Religious Orders designated under the Church's protection.

The Lay positions are at the discretion of the local Priest. They are offered to members of the congregation who wish to be more active within the Church and can be used as a prelude to seeking orders. These are non ordained positions.

Cleric - 1st Degree

The training period for the minor order of Cleric is expected to be a minimum of six months. However this depends on the progress of the Aspirant and is at the discretion of the synod of Bishops.

The position of Cleric is to start the nurturing process of the spiritual path. To begin a process of devotional pray and study, which will lead the Aspirant closer to the Divine, and further away from the mundane. This is achieved by a three fold process:

1. Training of the physical body, utilising exercise, cleansing, personal prayer and meditation. (This can include - Yoga, Tai Chi, Callisthenics or a combination of all three. Ideally organic foods, avoiding processed foods and chemicals.)

2. Expansion of the mind, through reading of the scriptures, study of religious and spiritual paths and traditions. Also taking a more active and direct role in the communal prayer, the Divine Eucharist and other rites and services of the Church.

3. To take a more active role within the service of humanity through the Church.